Sunday, 30 January 2011

Masa Critica - Buenos Aires

So I have few friends in warm and friendly land of Argentina and they're (surprise surprise) really into bikes. Mati Kalwill is a regular at the Critical Mass over there. I've never been to Critical Mass in London and myself am in two minds about the whole idea but it looks like they're having a good fun having it and manage to piss off load of taxi drivers and buses which we all know is a good thing. oh and of course, manage to make the point and usually get a lot of cheering from passer bys (something that's definitely missing at any London based public action). Mati also runs great bike blog, check it. and is part of a bike collective Biciconga.
I am also very keen on their combination of CATS and BIKES - fuck yeah, match made in heaven!

Vanessa Bell, my friend from London that currently lives in BA posted a nice write up on her first experience with Masa Critica on her blog and it's a good read. I'm looking forward to more reports from her, watch her blog!

Masa nocturna con luna llena, 21 dic 2010 Critical Mass Buenos Aires from mati kalwill on Vimeo.



Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Babe hour

Lauren by Matt Lingo

Read this month's Wallpaper

Wallpaper* January 2011 (Thai Edition, issue 65). Wael Sersoub & Nur Hellman by Shiraz Randeria.

Shot at Brooks saddle factory, UK, for Wallpaper* Thai Edition's 'Global Bike Culture' issue, the covers feature custom built bicycles (brown bike built in 14 Bike co.), and some bicycle-inspired fashion including the new Paul Smith & Rapha collaboration. The issue explores the current global bike culture and features Bangkok's fixed gear gangs, a look at the revolutionary Copenhagen Wheel, plus 'bicycle' interviews with Paul Smith, Ross Lovegrove and Mark Eley.Velo = Love.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Red Bull Mini Drome came and went...

and left us all in awe over the skills of some (most of) 105 riders that took part. Respect for participating to all those that did, even bigger one for those that managed not to fall out of it and huge thumbs up to winners! One of them, taking second place, my friend Christian Vollmer from Germany, well done Chris, you made us all really proud!
The winner of the evening was Chris Akkrig and justly so, that man is a machine.
Here's the video of his bunny flop over one of his opponents.

Here's the final 3:

Chris Akkrig (first place) in the middle, Chris Vollmer (2nd place) on the left, third place unfortunately I didnt catch the name of.
Can't wait for the next mini drome installment!

Monday, 13 December 2010

Paul Smith x Rapha

Few months back I posted this beautiful video that marked the beginning of the collaboration between british designer Paul Smith and cycling brand Rapha. Here's the second installement in what's to become a long lasting and hopefully fruitful co-operation. Its a small collection of performance oriented and athletically inspired garments and accessories, including City Rain jacket, gloves, hat and purse.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

"Heartstoppingly beautiful boys on bikes"

Well, I tried my best - another list for Platform magazine I did, this time on boys. See for yourself.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Saturday night bike born

Not talking about bikes now but about hot girls riding them - nothing to give you a kick to stay up and stare at your computer screen for an extra 10 minutes than this (this including girl readers too)
I made a list of "Heart-stoppingly beautiful girls on bikes" for Platform magazine. READ/SCROLL DOWN HERE.
This one is only one of yes, 80 babes (i got carried away a teeny bit)

(well she used to be quite a babe)

At the moment i'm preparing the follow-up: "heartstoppingly beautiful boys on bikes" - it's a real fucking mission to find even one. Not kidding. Any suggestion, hit me here pls

Pre-weekend music

I'm mainly posting this here because of the fantastic sleeve (OBVS) but some new music in your iTunes can't hurt either.
Not sure if this is the best compilation I've heard (it isn't) but this tape from 1983 features some names that were going to make it pretty big so whoever put this together, salute.
David J - The Gospel According To Fear
Pure - No Future
Nurse With Wound - Summertime Belongs To Me
Coil - Red Weather
Meat Puppets - Soup
Virgin Prunes - Untitled
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Piano Piece
You've Got Foetus On Your Breath - Te Deum
Romans - Membrum Lucis
Boyd Rice - Black Light District
Boyd Rice - Tourist Trap
Doo-Dooettes - Jesus Theme
23 Skidoo - Maccay Serasse

and for more rad downloads go to 777 AND I AM PUKING DEVILS BLOOD (yep)

Monday, 29 November 2010

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Street trials riding

I recently went to Scotland, I love the country, so I'm really chuffed to post this beautiful video shot in amazing scenery. But most importantly, Danny McAskill's riding is beyond RAD.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Some nice Tees

My friends have made some tshirts for all you fixie or non-fixie riding loosers that wanna look cool in fixed gear tshirts. only kidding. no, honestly, go buy them, they're great.

First one was designed by Matt Stanbury, check out his companys Fixed up Apparel facebook page

Second one is by another Matt (Strawson) from the 5th floor. You can grab this beaut on their website.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

We heart boris bikes

Our friend Chris came to see us from Germany and casually showed us who's the boss by being probably the first person to wheel Boris bike. We salute you Chris! Video by Rudy from 5th Floor (i think?) and edited by Pawel

Fixed Freestyle Boris from The5thFloor on Vimeo.

So you're scared to fall off your bike? Pussy.

Some time in 90's few crusty punks in States decided to build a two frame tall bike and started an alternative bike counterculture. They named their gang The Black Label Bike Club and became the first "outlaw bicycle club" famous for street fights in bike jousting which were pretty hardcore. B. I. K. E. documentary explores this smelly and wasted counter culture of cycling with interviews of the originators and rise and fall of other gang members.