Friday, 12 March 2010

Rosy dreams (Ruzove sny) 1977

This is second part in my very slowly evolving series of bike film reviews. The one i've done so far is pretty shit but maybe still worth CHECKING OUT.
Right, I remember watching this film when I was a little kid. The main actress Iva Bittova, made it pretty big in the world of avant-garde music playing violin and screaming in high pitched voice. Anyway, this is really nice movie to watch when you hangover and feel like the sun shining through your window is annoyingly sending even more head spins to your already pretty damaged body and you're thinking that what you just said last night to the object of your desire was pretty embarrassing and he/she will definitely never look your way (it makes it easier when you confess this on blog) - well this is the best cure to get you back on track of naive assumption that world is great and love always wins after all.
Basically, this is a classic romeo and juliet story of young postman falling in love with girl from gypsy village (white + gypsy is in easter europe worse than Montague + Capulet) and although it ends on pretty realistic terms (they don't kill themselves but they split up anyway) its still a feel-good movie. Yep, that's it. They're riding nice bike together and that's the point of this all.
I'm really hangover.

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