Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Eurobike 2010

Group shot by random french person using Angus Sung's camera (and instructions)
It's been pretty quiet around here of late but I have pretty good excuse and reason that makes up for it. Last weekend I went on the road trip with guys from 5th Floor to visit Eurobike 2010 in Germany. We had quite a blast. It was mainly about bikes and beers, both in equal measure. Ok, maybe a little more about bikes, as Eurobike happens to be the largest bike trade exhibition. But beers was aplenty too.
Here's some pics:
Preparations for the 600 miles/12 hours long journey...

Well worth it tho. Eurobike had really quite a lot to offer from bike innovations and new technologies, clothing to obscure stuff, like the Mondrian bike. I didn't really take much pictures on my film camera, as I know how shitty they would come out. But here's some stuff. Will upload some stuff from my blackberry camera later.

These young mountain bikers were literally killing it.

5th floor guys organized a lake ride and sprint competition that had a huge turn up and it was great fun. The lake Bodensee we arrived to is apparentely biggest in Europe and its fecking beautiful. The water was freezing cold but we braved it anyway.

This guy's bike dates back 1910's. He was pretty proud of it as he was parading it around. Germans you meet on a street like to talk a lot. Just take it as a precaution.

If you wanna see some proper photography documentary of the event, go to Angus Sung's flickr.

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