Monday, 17 January 2011

Red Bull Mini Drome came and went...

and left us all in awe over the skills of some (most of) 105 riders that took part. Respect for participating to all those that did, even bigger one for those that managed not to fall out of it and huge thumbs up to winners! One of them, taking second place, my friend Christian Vollmer from Germany, well done Chris, you made us all really proud!
The winner of the evening was Chris Akkrig and justly so, that man is a machine.
Here's the video of his bunny flop over one of his opponents.

Here's the final 3:

Chris Akkrig (first place) in the middle, Chris Vollmer (2nd place) on the left, third place unfortunately I didnt catch the name of.
Can't wait for the next mini drome installment!

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